The power of Facebook is undeniable. It reaches a huge audience and you can directly target your niche market. Almost every business is on it (if you’re not I recommend it!) but they are not all capitalizing on its true potential. So, what do the best brands with millions of fans do that not every other brand does? I’ll share them with you.

1. Create Awesome Content

In order to have a strong fan base you have to give them something to like and that’s awesome content. This is one of the most crucial factors in getting fans. They have to like what you represent and what your content does for them.

2. Give People an Incentive to Like Your Page

If you’ve posted an article, photo or video that someone wants to see you can adapt the idea of exclusivity by only allowing people who like the page to view it. This will give people more of a reason to like your page. They’ll want to know what’s behind the curtain.

3. Run a Competition

A great way to get fans to like your page and involved with your brand is by offering them a chance to win a prize. Create a contest that represents the values of your brand while increasing engagement. It’s a win, win.

4. Share Your Competition’s Content

What brands and companies are similar to what you do? Attract their audience over to your site by sharing the competition’s Facebook page content on your fan page. It’s an easy way to go after your target market.

5. Advertise on Facebook

This is one of the quickest ways for people to hear about your brand and easily connect with it. You can set the limit for how much you want to spend, when you want the ad to appear and the audience you want it to target. Try it out and see if it makes a difference.

6. Install a Facebook Badge on Your Website

If you have a blog or website be sure to include the Facebook widget that links back to your fan page. It’s important for fans to know that you have a presence on Facebook so they can connect with you there.

How have you increased your Facebook likes? Share your answers here!