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We’re your social media experts and advisers–ready to train you, your employees and your team. Leimkuehler Media works to educate, empower and train corporations and individuals on the best social media strategies and practices to elevate their marketing through hands-on training in workshops, seminars and online courses.

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How to Find the Right Influencers to Grow Your Business

  As social media becomes an increasingly stable part of our lives and business, it makes sense to look for ways to benefit from it. Advertising using social media platforms...

tim ferriss

10 Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned From Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Workweek, entrepreneur, startup investor and lifestyle designer, started on the groundfloor and worked his way into a best selling author through his not just...

social meda analytic tools

10 Social Media Analytics Tools to Manage Your Brand

  The most important aspect of managing any social media accounts is being able to collect, interpret, and analyze the data that comes from your page to learn how to improve your...


Social Media Video Tip: Comment on Blogs

Start Interacting Online with Blog Comments Are you looking to expand your social media presence? Then it’s time to think outside the box and start commenting on blogs of other...

social media video tip posting

Social Media Video Tip: Don’t Post Too Much or Too Often

Social Media Posting Etiquette Your social media video tip for today is to plan your social media. If you want a consistent brand image be sure to not to stop...

Pat Flynn

10 Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned From Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

  Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income has been a marketing inspiration of mine for years. Not only does he run a successful blog, online business, and podcast, he’s a...

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Leimkuehler Media was founded by Katie Leimkuehler, a social media expert, coach and trainer.

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