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If you want to be successful on social media, you have to know how well your marketing is working. How do you do that? By measuring your influence and effectiveness. There has never been a more important time to capitalize on using the best social media tools to enhance your brand visibility. These five social media tools will help you organize and analyze your current social media methods by telling you what’s not working and what it is.

1. Hootsuite This website platform allows you to schedule out your social media for virtually every channel for months in advance. It also provides detailed analytics in the premium version that allows you to see your most popular content, biggest influencers, most RTs, and the growth of your brand on all your different channels.

2. Twitter Analytics This tool, much like Hootsuite, provides a detailed overview of what Tweets get the most traction and engagement, what ones get the most clicked on, impressions, number of favorites and RT insights. It’s a great free tool that allows you to look at your analytics by selecting the time period you want to track, whether that’s a week, a month or longer.

3. Tailwind This analytics tool is for Pinterest and tells you what pins have the highest likelihood for going viral. The insights are superb and can help you build a marketing strategy around what you are doing that’s already working. Tailwind also tells you who shares your pins the most, who are the top influencers that follow you and lets you schedule pins on Pinterest.

4. Repost— This social media app is for Instagram and allows you to easily share posts by your fans and followers. Simply copy the link you want shared from your Instagram account and repost it easily. You can also search by hashtags and repost content that way. It’s as simple as a RT.

5. Klout This website rates your social media by credibility and influence on all social media channels. It doesn’t just count your followers, it ranks you based on your engagement and posting consistency, along with other factors. It also shows you your strongest channels and really shows you where you are doing well and what you could improve on.

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This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.