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If you’re looking to actively grow your social media presence and build up your Twitter than you should absolutely be hosting your own Twitter Chat! What is a Twitter Chat or Tweet Chat? Well, it’s basically an online chat room on Twitter where people who share a common interest such as travel, marketing or writing come together for an hour and talk about tips and best practices they’ve learned. This is typically done with a hashtag like #BrandChat #BlogChat.  Each Twitter Chat has a host, who directs the questions and navigates the conversation, and that host could be you! So, why is a Twitter Chat so hugely beneficial?

Here are 4 reasons why you should be hosting your own Twitter Chat.

1. Building and highlighting your expertise.

When you’re hosting a chat, people trust you and they quickly learn that you know what you are talking about in your field. You also build influence among your community.

2. Grow your brand exposure and customer base. 

Twitter Chats create massive exposure for your brand and in a fast pace way. It’s a quick way to interact with your customers, hear their thoughts and concerns, and address them in a positive manner. It also exposes you to new fans who may never have heard of you before and is an excellent way to market your company or brand.

3. Learn about new trends in your industry and what people want.

Be the first to know about a new site, product or app that might help you do your business better. During the chat most users will share valuable content and info that you can go back to later and review. You’ll be on top of the newest happenings from your own audience! Not to mention you might stumble across an idea for a new product based on feedback from your customers or learn how tweak one that already exists.

4. Creating ultimate transparency and a true connection with your fan base.

By hosting a Twitter Chat you’re telling your audience you’re an expert in this topic by helping answering their questions and facilitating a discussion. You are also connecting them with like-minded individuals and creating a lasting bond that will have them coming back to each chat. Not mention, it’s an excellent way to do a product launch after you’ve hosted several chats.

Not sure you want to host your own? Well, first participate in one! Find a Twitter Chat and learn how to join a Twitter Chat. If you need help or want me to host a your chat just email me at

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If you want to truly create a social media brand and business that stands out you need to know not just how to reach your audience, but what they want to talk about, what content they are interested and develop a plan that you can roll out to connect with them. Here are a few key steps to follow when developing your social media brand.

1. Know your audience and where they spend time online. There is no point to doing social media unless you’ve done your research. Where are your customers spending time? What are they talking about? How can you connect and engage with them? Until you know the conversations they are having you won’t be able to join them–so study up!

2. Find only the best content to share. If you continually self promote or only share the same type of information over and over people will lose interest. It’s your job to hunt for the best photos, articles, blog and videos that will do two things 1) have an impact on your fan base and 2) get them talking about it. Share less, but it make it more valuable and engaging.

3. Create a detailed social media strategy. It’s easy to think you can hand the reigns of your social media accounts to a college student and expect it to go viral overnight, but that almost certainly won’t happen. You need to think about your goals, your audience, your voice, your message and what you hope to accomplish. What do you hope to achieve through social media? More sales, interaction and engagement, or brand awareness? Hope will you accomplish this? Get crystal clear on what you want and it will be easier to reach.

4. Steal and camouflage. Want to excel at social media? Well, look to the brands that are killing it. They don’t even need to be in your field. Study what they are doing that’s successful, what makes them stand out? Read case studies on different brands that seemed to launch overnight, but really was a carefully planned out strategy. What content do they share? What channels are they on? Do they have their own hashtags? What Tweet chats are they participating in? The more you see how other people have achieved social media success the quicker you will too.

Book Katie to Speak

Are you looking for someone to share the best social media  or career insights with your team or company? Do you want to motivate and inspire your employees? I have expertise in a variety of areas and speak on several topics including social media and marketing, writing and publishing, breaking into the job market for new grads and tailor each presentation to the group I’m working with. For more information to have me speak at your event, contact me at

Sample Talk Titles:

  • How to Create a Dynamite Social Media Strategy for Your Business
  • 6 Steps to Launch Your Social Media from the Ground Up
  • 5 Key Strategies to Create a Blog that People Will Share
  • Leveraging LinkedIn: 5 Unbeatable Methods to Become an Influencer
  • How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy that Builds Your Social Media Success
  • The 5 Keys to Building Relationships in Social Media that Propel Your Business

About Katie

Katie is a master storyteller who delivers an inspiring and motivating message to her audience by connecting their personal experiences with key tailored principles to enhance their daily lives. Her vast experience as a journalist, marketer, author and professor has helped shaped her dynamic message for any audience.

Katie is also as a social media strategist, career coach and trainer, who helps businesses and individuals capitalize on their goals and marketing efforts. In 2013, Katie was selected to speak at Chicago Social Media Week  on a panel about publishing and the future of social media with fellow authors Amy Guth and David Houle.

Katie previously worked as the Social Media Director at International Studies Abroad in Denver. Prior to this, she was the Marketing and Branch Manager at Writopia Lab, a creative writing non-profit for children 8-18 that helps them develop their writing talents while also teaching as an English Professor at College of DuPage

She was the Manager of Social Media and Communications at the International Interior Design Association and prior to that was a Journalist and Community Manager at the Chicago Tribune.

Katie has her MFA in  writing from Roosevelt University and her BA in journalism and creative writing from Miami University of Ohio.  She has been a contributing writer for Lifehack, Built in Colorado,  Rocks DigitalIgnite Social Media, Chicago Now, Technori Social Media Today,  Macali Communications, Go  Intern Abroad, Turn It Social and Networlding. She is the author of the second book series in the Shy Town Girls. Her TV pitch for Shy Town Girls landed her in the Long List of the 2013 Fresh Voice Pitch Contest. Additionally, her short film, ” Ski Pioneer based on the screenplay she wrote about her grandfather won Best Documentary at The Three Minute Film Fest.


Past Events

Shy Town Girls – Ivy (Book 2) Launch Party

author katie leimkuehler

10/3/2013 Vertigo Lounge 2 W Erie St, Chicago, IL 60654

Celebrate the debut of the second book in the Shy Town Girls series Ivy with author Katie Leimkuehler. Enjoy complimentary drinks and desserts while networking at the rooftop bar in Vertigo Lounge. Be the first to get a copy of the new book and meet the author!


Social Media and the Future of Publishing

chicago social media week

9/25/2013 Tribune Tower 435 N Michigan Ave #6, Chicago, IL 60611 Hosted by: Chicago Tribune and 435 Digital Join a group of social media and publishing experts as they share insider knowledge and key techniques on using social media to market books, magazines and blogs. From traditional publishing to self-publishing, these authors know how to create a strong social media plan and implement it successfully. Come listen to our panelists for discussion on building a brand from the ground up. Panelists included:

  • Katie Leimkuehler, author of the new “Shy Town Girls” book series.
  • Amy Guth, GM of RedEye and Metromix, president of The Association for Women Journalists Chicago and author of the novel “Three Fallen Women.”
  • David Houle, futurist and author of Entering the Shift Age and the highly regarded blog Evolution ShiftModerator: Courtney Crowder, a Chicago Tribune reporter covering literature.


Shy Town Girls Book Launch Party

Shy Town Girls Launch Party

10/18/2012 Akira
625 W. Diversey, Chicago, IL, 60614

Come celebrate the debut of the hottest new book series in Chicago — Shy Town Girls!  Meet the four women authors who’ll talk about writing the romance novels and the inspiration behind the idea. Don’t miss the chance to get your signed copy of the book!


LinkedIn for Job Seekers

9/25/2012 Next Door Chicago
659 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Il, 60614

Whether you are a student, recent graduate, currently employed or have been laid off, now is the time to understand how LinkedIn can help your career. Seminar included:

  • Learning why social media is important to your career.
  • How to maintain a professional online presence and avoid pitfalls.
  • Creating a professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Enhancing your profile with available applications.
  • Understanding strategies used by recruiters.


Jump-Start Your Job Search with LinkedIn

8/6/ 2012 Saint Chrysostom’s Employment Council

1424 N. Dearborn Parkway, Chicago, IL, 60610

In this presentation, I discussed search strategies for job seekers on LinkedIn, ways to expand their network and find new opportunities. Attendees learned how to make connections that count, promote themselves and succeed in being seen as experts in their field.

Need a social media speaker or trainer? Email me at

Need help with your social media? Look no further! I can work with you and your company on any of your social media needs. I can host your Twitter chats, write your blog posts, help you manage your content, or train you to do all of the above. Below are some examples of ways I can help you and your company. I also offer customized social media services based on your need.

Social Media Coaching and Tutoring

If your office needs to update your company’s current marketing methods on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or on your blog I can help train your employees to learn the ins and outs of the biggest social media channels used today. Hire social media help! If you want to learn more about how we can work together, contact me.  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.  


Social Media Individual Coaching and Tutoring

If you want to learn the insider scoop of one social channel or multiple networks–I can provide you with one-on-one coaching. You pick the topics you want to learn more about and I’ll walk you through how to achieve what you want with them. Don’t be let social media scare you. Become an expert! Email me at to schedule your FREE 20 minute phone consultation. Then visit my coaching page to choose a package that works for you!


Social Media Consulting

Social media has become the best tool to grow professional and personal brands. Building relationships in online communities can help you gain new followers and connect with prospective fans, clients and customers. My expertise includes creating key content that will engage your audience, turning fans into brand advocates, and interacting in dynamic discussions and dialogues across all social media channels. Through digital content marketing that drives innovation in the digital space and by integrating social media strategies into multi-channel campaigns I can launch the best practices and tactics in social media to help elevate your brand.


Career Coaching

Are you trying find your real passion in life? Are you looking to switch new careers? Are you a new grad looking for guidance? Do you have a goals or projects that you’ve wanted to complete for years, but just haven’t finished them? I can help! I can work with you to develop your perfect plan to achieve the life and career goals you want. Not sure if I’m the right fit for you? No problem. I offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to every client. Still not sure? Check out my 17 recommendations on Linkedin and contact me for more information. 


Host Your Twitter Chat

If you really want to kick your brand into high gear and by creating lasting connection with your followers and new ones– it’s time to host your own Twitter Chat! I can help you run a Twitter Chat Series and develop it from concept to completion. This includes setting it up, creating a Twitter Chat schedule and being the host. Imagine a chat at the same time and place for 30 mins to an hour on Twitter centering around a topic of your choice! Don’t miss out on growing your Twitter presence!

Check out a previous Twitter Chat I’ve hosted. 

How Does a Twitter Chat Benefit You?

  • Showcases your brand expertise.  
  • Immediate interaction with fans and followers.
  • Builds your credibility and authority in your field.
  • One of the fastest ways to create brand awareness. 


Edit or Write Blog Posts

If you’re social media is already set up and you just need someone to write great content for you—this is a great option. I’ll work with you to design the perfect editorial calendar and I’ll write your posts on weekly or monthly basis.

Examples of my blogging work. Click here to see more. 



Content Management and Development / Blog Set Up

If you need help getting your blog off the ground and creating solid content that your readers will love this is the package for you! I’ll help create the design and layout of your blog and create an editorial calendar for a full month of articles for you to write.



Press Releases / Copywriting

Get yourself in the news! If you or your company needs a handcrafted and well-written press release that gets in the media this is a great option. As I’m a former Chicago Tribune journalist, I know exactly what the media is looking for in press releases and how to get yours read by someone who matters.

Examples of my press releases.



Katie Leimkuehler, the founder and CEO of Leimkuehler Media, is an expert social media consultant and coach who advises and empowers business and individuals on the best social media strategies. She has more than eight years of experience coaching corporations and showing them how to implement a winning social media strategy by providing the tools and techniques to launch, grow and manage their social media presence. Katie is also the Executive Vice President of Social Media at Calysto Communications and a Social Media Professor at the University of Denver for the university’s graduate school program and has taught social media at Media Bistro. She has spoken at Chicago Social Media Week 2013, Coldwell Banker, NSI Partners, and KI’s NeoCon Social Media Webinar, among others.

Katie previously was the Social Media Director for International Studies Abroad where she oversaw and managed the communications and social media strategy including the #ISAWorldWideAlert system for students. She also led successful social campaigns including new Twitter Chats, #ISAchat and managed the company’s 40+ student blogger program. Before this role, she was also the Manager of Social Media and Communications at the International Interior Design Association and prior to that was a Journalist and Community Manager at the Chicago Tribune.  She has been a contributing writer for several publications including Social Media Examiner, Business 2 Community, Social Media Today, Rocks Digital, Ignite Social MediaBuilt in ColoradoTechnoriLifehack, The Sun Times, and Networlding. Check out the business and marketing podcast she was recently featured on: “Interview with Expert Social Media Consultant and Katie Leimkuehler and Coach Cameron Roberts.

About Leimkuehler Media  

Leimkuehler Media works to educate, empower and train corporations and individuals on the best social media strategies and practices to elevate their marketing. Leimkuehler Media provides hands-on training in workshops, seminars and online courses. Our goal is to advise and support our clients by providing them with outstanding marketing techniques, tools and tactics while guiding them to implement a social media plan and process that is successful long term.

Want to see examples of my work? Check out my Social Media and Content Marketing Portfolio.

Here Are Some Things I’ve Done

Social Media Speaking and Experience


Educational Leadership


Life Experience 

  • Producing a documentary on my grandfather.
  • Studied abroad and lived in Luxembourg
  • Visited and traveled to over 25 countries.
  • Tutored children in English in the Cook Islands