tweet chat


If you’re looking to actively grow your social media presence and build up your Twitter than you should absolutely be hosting your own Twitter Chat! What is a Twitter Chat or Tweet Chat? Well, it’s basically an online chat room on Twitter where people who share a common interest such as travel, marketing or writing come together for an hour and talk about tips and best practices they’ve learned. This is typically done with a hashtag like #BrandChat #BlogChat.  Each Twitter Chat has a host, who directs the questions and navigates the conversation, and that host could be you! So, why is a Twitter Chat so hugely beneficial?

Here are 4 reasons why you should be hosting your own Twitter Chat.

1. Building and highlighting your expertise.

When you’re hosting a chat, people trust you and they quickly learn that you know what you are talking about in your field. You also build influence among your community.

2. Grow your brand exposure and customer base. 

Twitter Chats create massive exposure for your brand and in a fast pace way. It’s a quick way to interact with your customers, hear their thoughts and concerns, and address them in a positive manner. It also exposes you to new fans who may never have heard of you before and is an excellent way to market your company or brand.

3. Learn about new trends in your industry and what people want.

Be the first to know about a new site, product or app that might help you do your business better. During the chat most users will share valuable content and info that you can go back to later and review. You’ll be on top of the newest happenings from your own audience! Not to mention you might stumble across an idea for a new product based on feedback from your customers or learn how tweak one that already exists.

4. Creating ultimate transparency and a true connection with your fan base.

By hosting a Twitter Chat you’re telling your audience you’re an expert in this topic by helping answering their questions and facilitating a discussion. You are also connecting them with like-minded individuals and creating a lasting bond that will have them coming back to each chat. Not mention, it’s an excellent way to do a product launch after you’ve hosted several chats.

Not sure you want to host your own? Well, first participate in one! Find a Twitter Chat and learn how to join a Twitter Chat. If you need help or want me to host a your chat just email me at