Social media has made the world much more transparent in the last decade. Beginning as a platform where you post pictures of yourself and share experiences with friends and family, social media now engulfs a major part of our everyday life – including how we learn and get inspired.

The opportunities for inspiration and knowledge are so vast and accessible that anyone can learn with a computer and internet connection. Not only will this help accelerate the learning process in young children and adults, but people will be able to feel inspired from mentors or “heroes” through social interactions on sites like Twitter and YouTube.

If you’re looking for inspiration and advice in the eCommerce and internet start-up space, the following social media accounts often provide an opportunity for you to meet and learn from the best minds in the business – and have a little fun in the process.

Top Five Social Media Accounts You Should Follow

Tony Hsieh This CEO and start-up entrepreneur is known for his work as founder of, but Tony was successful even prior to the inception of the well-known shoe company. If you are interested in learning how to run your eCommerce business on an executive level, as well as understand how to please customers, Tony Hsieh is your man. This CEO is much more than a salesman – he is the inventor of proper customer service for internet commerce (along with Jeff Bezos) and the creator of logistics efficiency with eCommerce product distribution. If you want to know how to grow properly and manage your company, Tony is a great friend to have on Facebook or Twitter.

Jeff Bezos You cannot talk about eCommerce entrepreneurship without mentioning Jeff Bezos, who is the current CEO and founder of Driving across country with nothing but a pad of paper and pen, Jeff came up with a brilliant idea on how to serve customers. After was born, he perfected customer service and production efficiency with distribution centers across the country to fulfill product orders without long wait times or expensive shipping. In addition, he is also a funny guy and always has interesting Twitter posts every day on his account about innovative new products or business models. If you like entrepreneurship, you should keep this guy in mind.

Guy Kawasaki Although Guy was never an online entrepreneur or eCommerce CEO (at least for a major brand in the industry), this entrepreneur and investor  is one of the most inspirational people in the business. Starting off at Apple, Guy made his mark as a product evangelist and serial entrepreneur. He is best known for his entrepreneurial books, especially The Art of the Start. This guy is witty and just good ole fashion fun. His Tweets have been known throughout the eCommerce community as some of the best in the business.

Jack Dorsey Interested in understanding how making money from a business model that originally had no opportunity to make money? Well, you need to follow Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter. As awesome as Twitter is currently for the modern social indulging citizen, there was a time when Twitter was evaluated at over a billion dollars, but barely had a $100 in the bank. Aspiring entrepreneurs today have access to great start-up eCommerce entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey (who also founded Square mobile payment processing system). As the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has one of the best Twitter accounts to investigate and should be a destination for all entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

Tim Ferriss You need to check his guy out if you have not already done so – he is awesome and crazy at the same time, but also kind of a human encyclopedia. Tim Ferriss is well-known for his 4-Hour books where he discusses streamlining online businesses, improving body composition, and learning how to cook in different environments. Categorized as the “Superman of Silicon Valley,” Tim Ferris is definitely someone you know to follow as an owner of eCommerce businesses.


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